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We are super excited to stocking the new book Hans Blomquists.


Create beautiful and evocative interiors using the bounty of the natural world. Master stylist and art director Hans Blomquist puts natural materials, items and motifs at the heart of a decorating style that’s provides and escape from the noise and haste of modern life and 21st century technologies.


Nature is at the heart of his decorating philosophy and in the first part of his book Hans shares ideas and inspirations for decorating with flowers, plants, natural objects, materials, textures and colours. His chosen palette being deep indigo, earthy ochre, dusty pink and muted tones.


Hans visits real life interiors that posses a sense of comfort, contentment and beauty and will inspire the reader to create a home that offers a refuge from the wider world as well as the perfect place to welcome family and friends.

Inspired by Nature by Hans Blomquist

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