Slow living, taking a moment to rewind. Scents of Home.

Top notes of pumpkin and base notes of cinnamon.


This stunning collection of hand poured scented soy candles embrace our nomadic lifestyles. Hand poured in small batches, taking pride in using no mass production in the making of any of our products. All these candles are phthalate free.


The Nomad Society range of scented soy wax candles are hand poured in Hossegor, France. They feature an amber glass jar, twist on black lid and a natural cotton core wick for a cleaner burn.


The soy wax is 100% from sustainable sources.

120ml, 6cm diameter (approx burn time 20 hours)

500ml, 10.5cm diameter (approx burn time 85 hours)


Once your candle has burnt away, the beautiful amber glass jar can be re-used with a tea light to continue adding a warming glow to your home or they make sweet plant pots.

Forever Sunday soy candle