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Lemongrass & Rosemary  Available in 175g or 500g Energising bath soak with lemongrass and rosemary to relieve tired muscles, stimulate circulation & encourage energy.  Rosemary and lemongrass to warm up & loosen tight muscles.Mineral rich Epsom salt helps to relieve tired muscles and is absorbed while soaking. Epsom salt aids cleansing, assisting removal of toxins while stimulating blood circulation, promoting more energy.Anti-oxidant rich green tea.Cleansing, toning & uplifting essential oils.Oat kernel meal to soothe & soften skin.Freshly made with only natural ingredients.  How to use: fill bag & drop into bath, leaving it to steep. Relax for 10 - 20 minutes.DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT

Energising Muscle Relief Bath Soak

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