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Dantes Ceramics is a small independent pottery studio set up by Issy Taylor-Jones. She specialises in handmade, wheel-thrown stoneware. 

Each unique piece is often imperfect, baring her finger marks showing its creative process. Issy seeks to bring beauty into our everyday lives with objects that combine function and design.

Simple and beautiful hand thrown tumblers in 2 sizes in a beautiful rustic tin glaze. Each piece is unique and not one exactly the same so vary in size, Shape and characteristics which is what makes this range uniquely beautiful. 

Why not complement your collection with a mug, small jug, mini pourer. 

Small 9 x 7 width 
Large 10cm x 7cm width 

Please  note that as these are hand thrown the sizes are approximate 

CareStoneware can be used in microwave and dishwasher with care. Use a low temperature cycle. Prolonged high temperature can cause crazing of the glaze.

Dante ceramics - Tumbler

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