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“Lovely linen” is a Swedish linen maker creating the most Beautiful, natural and rustic linen range in a lovely colour pallet of muted tones.

Linen has many advantages when compared to other materials but one of the biggest is that it’s durable and becomes even more beautiful with age adding to our less is more motto.

The other thing that is so refreshing is that there is no plastic packaging in sight.

Today we are more aware of the environmental benefits of linen and which has made it more trendy. Environmental benefits Long lasting therefore reducing consumption 100% biodegrade Non allergenic, antibacterial and anti fungal Limited amounts of pesticides used in the cultivation of flax Linen absorbs moisture well and releases it quickly, and dries out, which means that linen dies t stick to your body, air passes through the linen quickly allowing the body to breathe.

Thanks to it’s great absorbency limited amount of dye is neededThe more lovely linen is washed the lovelier it becomes.

Manufactured in Europe 100% linen

Rustic linen bath mat - seem with linen hamman towels
Size 60cm x 90cm
in rustic linen naturally

Lovely Linen - Rustic Linen Bathmat

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